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Published on April 14, 2024
Governor Greg Abbott Shares Personal Adoption Story, Urges Texans to 'Go For It' at Plano ConferenceSource: Office of the Texas Governor

Texas Governor Greg Abbott waxed personal at the CHOSEN Conference in Plano this weekend, where he talked heart-to-heart about adoption, using his own family's experience to push for more resources in the state's foster care system. The Gov's clear message to Texans: If you're pondering adoption, just "go for it and never look back," according to a chat highlighted on the Texas government's official website.

"I wouldn't trade it for anything in this entire world," Abbott declared, reminiscing about the best decision of his life – adopting his daughter Audrey, at the event aimed at championing the cause among faith leaders and advocates— these comments reflecting both his public and personal investment in the issue, he also touted the support services offered by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, with projects like Heart Galleries of Texas taking a spotlight during the presentation.

Our Lone Star State leader wasn't alone up there – he shared the stage with Prestonwood Baptist Church Senior Pastor Jack Graham and was supported by images of happy family moments, as reported on the governor's website. It all played out as part confessional, part call-to-action, as Abbott detailed Texas' system that includes initiatives like Rainbow Rooms, aiming to sweeten the pot for prospective adoptive or foster parents.

But it wasn't all rosy imagery and feel-good talk, as the Governor stressed the genuine challenges and the leap of faith required when diving into adoption, saying, "Once you get past the uncertainty and make a decision, dive deeply into it, give it your heart and soul," showing his personal tie to the topic along with a slideshow that, without saying, spoke volumes to his commitment to family and policy.