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Published on April 14, 2024
Harris County Mother Charged for Leaving Young Children Alone While on CruiseSource: Facebook/Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5

A Harris County mother has been arrested after leaving her two young children alone in a high-rise apartment while she indulged in a leisurely cruise. Lakesha Woods Williams, age 29, is now facing charges after her six and eight-year-old were discovered unattended, having been left to fend for themselves for several days.

April 4 marked the beginning of a concerning saga when Williams reportedly departed her domicile with luggage in tow, leaving the young ones without supervision. Neighbors, becoming alert to the absence, sounded the alarm resulting in a welfare check of the apartment by Harris County deputies on April 9. They were greeted by the kids, who informed them that their mother was on a cruise, as reported by FOX 26 Houston.

The adolescents' temporary abode bore signs of neglect; the unit smelled of urine, and trash alongside leftover food were littered about the place, indicating a severe lapse in care during Williams' absence as indicated by court records obtained by ABC13 Houston. Despite these conditions, firefighters determined the children to be in good health and they were subsequently released to the care of an aunt.

Upon her return on April 10 and subsequent arrest on April 11 by Harris County Precinct 5 deputies, Williams is reported to have initially lied about her identity. Investigators uncovered a web camera and cell phone she allegedly used to occasionally check in on the children. "These children were left unattended for many days and put in harm's way," Keegan Childers, the chief prosecutor of the 209th District Court, told ABC13. "For them to provide for themselves, feed themselves, take care of themselves, as well as what if somebody breaks in? What if there's a bad neighbor? Any number of horror, nightmare scenarios that could come up."

The charges Williams faces are serious, reflecting the gravity of the endangerment of her children. Constable Ted Heap emphasized the severity, saying "But the important thing is they are safe now and those responsible should be held accountable for leaving these kids in an unsafe situation," in a statement provided to FOX 26 Houston. The investigation into the full scope of these events is still underway as authorities piece together the decision which allowed a pursuit of leisure to take precedent over parental duty.