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Published on April 12, 2024
Los Angeles Clears Hazardous RV Encampment in Wilmington, Mayor Bass Leads Safe Housing InitiativeSource: City of Los Angeles - Mayor Karen Bass

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, in concert with Councilmember Tim McOsker, spearheaded a mission that provided shelter to over 35 individuals from an RV encampment in a high-risk industrial area of Wilmington, revealing the city's efforts to mitigate potential safety hazards. The encampment, situated perilously close to industrial refineries, posed a threat of fire and explosions. "We continue taking steps to address and resolve RV encampments across the city," Mayor Bass said, as per the Los Angeles Office of the Mayor.

According to the Mayor's office, the latest Inside Safe operation successfully relocated the inhabitants of more than 10 RVs before an incident could transpire. Councilmember McOsker expressed satisfaction with the outcome, "Today we housed and cleared one of the largest RV encampments in a 15th District thanks to our partnership with Mayor Bass, numerous City Departments, and Harbor Interfaith Services," in acknowledgment of the collective effort.

This recent sweep marks the 47th Inside Safe operation, following previous initiatives that addressed more than 50 RVs on Forest Lawn Drive. Notably, Mayor Bass has expanded Executive Directive 3, bolstering the city's ability to manage RV encampments through towing, storage, and disposal, as reported by the Mayor's office. She's also backing state legislation aimed at making it easier for the city to lease Caltrans property for RV storage while ensuring that previous residents have access to housing services.

The Mayor's administration has been proactive since day one, as Ms. Bass has led the city to house thousands of homeless individuals and dismantle tent encampments citywide. On the construction front, the Mayor's efforts have accelerated the development of over 16,000 affordable housing units, heralding a potential turning point in the city's battle against homelessness.