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Published on April 02, 2024
Minneapolis Council Member Palmisano Corrects Rideshare Data, Opposes Transit RegulationSource: Minneapolis, City of Lakes

As confusion swirls within the community over rideshare usage and city transit regulations, City Council Member Linea Palmisano, aim to set the record straight on the tally of daily rides, correcting previous figures from her newsletter. Palmisano clarified the fact that the metro area sees "400,000+ rides weekly" using services like Uber and Lyft, not on a daily basis as previously stated, according to City of Minneapolis.

Municipal lawmakers are gearing up to reconsider a rideshare ordinance that has sparked considerable worry among Minneapolis residents who rely on these services for transport. Palmisano voted against this ordinance and tried, but failed, to uphold the Mayor's veto. For the legion of concerned citizens, relief might be on the horizon as the ordinance is set to be revisited in a City Council meeting slated for April 11. "It is incredibly important to not disrupt service for riders who greatly depend on this for critical transit needs and medical necessity," Palmisano said, as per City of Minneapolis.

One bill, in particular, would bolster local control over the regulation of firearms, enabling communities throughout Minnesota to tailor regulations as per their specific needs. "This bill would allow for that nuance and specificity rather than a 'one size fits all' approach", Palmisano said, reportedly championing the need for local solutions to the issue of public safety.

In addition to public safety, Palmisano's commitment also carries over to supporting victims of domestic violence. She recently took part in a Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) training session that dealt with the implications of domestic assaults, particularly those involving strangulation, an act which is not only brutal but often presages further violence. "Strangulation is a historically difficult charge to prove, and one of the strongest indicators of eventual domestic homicide," Palmisano was quoted, in a statement obtained by the City of Minneapolis,  indicating the severity of the matter and the dire need for enhanced prosecution practices. In her efforts to address this complex challenge, support from the City Attorney's Office and cooperation from Hennepin County are critical cogs in the wheel of justice Palmisano is determined to drive forward.

For district residents monitoring their wallets, Palmisano detailed property tax updates, noting that assessments increased by 6.2% for the year, with opportunities for appeals to be explored. Further, upcoming public works - including water main renewals and traffic calming meetings - indicate a busy year ahead for the 13th Ward.