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Published on April 02, 2024
Nashville Anticipates Stormy Week with Severe Weather and Thunderstorms in ForecastSource: Flickr / Josh Beasley

Nashville is bracing for a wet and wild week, according to the National Weather Service. The latest forecast calls for a flurry of showers and thunderstorms, some severe, sweeping through the area starting today and lingering into the weekend.

Today's weather is particularly stormy, with the NWS predicting "showers and possibly a thunderstorm after 2pm." The storms could pack a punch, featuring gusts as high as 30 mph and new rainfall reaching up to three quarters of an inch. As families across the region plan their daytime activities, the weather seems to have plans of its own, threatening to disrupt the afternoon with severe thunderstorms. Tonight isn't looking much better; the chance of precipitation stands at 70%, with continued showers and thunderstorms, mainly before 11pm.

Wednesday's conditions aren't letting up much, with the NWS calling for "showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 3pm." But don't put your umbrellas away just yet; the chance of rain will last throughout the day, despite the winds shifting to a westward blow with gusts that could reach 30 mph. The temperature will dip to a cooler high near 57, offering a brisk respite from today's warmth.

By Thursday, we'll see a partial break in the clouds with partly sunny skies. However, those planning to venture out in the evening should keep their rain gear at hand. There is a chance of showers before 7pm, followed by the possibility of showers and thunderstorms until 1am. The week continues to sway between promise and peril, with the weather offering brief glimpses of calm before returning to uncertainty. Temperatures at night are expected to drop around 36.

As we head into the weekend, the forecast shows signs of improvement with mostly sunny skies beginning on Friday and a high near 54. The trend continues with a sunny Saturday, offering a pleasant high around 62. However, by Sunday night, there's a 40% chance for a return of showers and thunderstorms, casting clouds once again over the city's clear skies.

Looking ahead to next week, Monday teases with only a 20 percent chance of showers and a partly sunny day with a comfortable high near 73. For now, Nashvillians should keep their umbrellas close and their weather apps closer as they navigate through this turbulent spring weather pattern.