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Published on April 03, 2024
Patrick Willson at BCAT Invites Bloomington Community to Dive into Media ProductionSource: CITY OF BLOOMINGTON

Looking to make your mark in the local media scene? Patrick Willson is your go-to guy at the community-access broadcast station BCAT, where he's been turning regular Joes into amateur Spielbergs. As a production specialist at the station, Willson wears many hats, from teaching both tech and creative skills to running the show behind Cable Channel 16's programming.

Willson, with a career that kicked off in high school back in '88, has been deep in the game for over three decades. He got his start with a diploma from Hennepin Technical College and has been on the grind ever since, including a solid stint for more than ten years at Burnsville/Eagan Community Television. "I am here to help community members create programming to share with their community, and beyond," Willson said, in a statement obtained by the official Bloomington website.

The man is passionate about his role and is keen on getting more hands on deck. Willson's looking to rally volunteers—people who wanna contribute and be a part of the neighborhood fabric through media. "Working with community members in the creative process of media production is the best part of my job," Willson expressed. For Willson, it's more than pressing buttons and slicing video—it's about cultivating a space for local voices, visions, and stories to thrive.

For those itching to take a crack at media production or just looking to see what's up behind the cameras, BCAT is the spot. It's all about community, and the door is wide open for new volunteers. They don't just want you; according to Willson, they need you. "It is a great way to be active in the community," he said, selling the gig as a one-of-a-kind volunteer experience. Folks interested in joining the BCAT family or learning more about the services they offer can head over to bcat16.org, shoot an email to [email protected], or dial 952-563-4980.