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Published on April 18, 2024
Philadelphia's Spring Chill Persists with Clouds and Rain Chances into the WeekendSource: Unsplash/ Liv Bruce

The fog and drizzle that blanketed Philadelphia on the morning of April 18 are set to lift, but don't expect a sudden burst of spring sunshine just yet. Leading into the weekend, the National Weather Service reports a continuation of cloudy skies with temperatures hovering in the mid-50s, while the northeast wind keeps up a gentle pace of 5 to 10 mph. A slight temperature bump is on the horizon, with Friday's highs inching toward the low 60s, yet it comes with a 20% chance of rain on both Friday and Friday Night.

As provided by NWS Philadelphia, a murky Thursday night is also expected, with lows dropping to around 46 degrees under continued northeast winds of 5 to 10 mph. Waiting for the sun's return, Saturday, however, will finally bring a partial reprieve from the gloom with partly sunny skies and highs climbing into the upper 60s, although conditions are anticipated to again cool down to the mid-40s by evening.

Looking ahead, the weekend shows potential with Saturday boasting partly sunny conditions and a notable warm-up that could potentially see temperatures peak at 68 degrees. But be warned, the gift of warmth from nature arrives along with gusts that could reach 20 mph. The intermittent dance between sun and clouds continues into the week, with Sunday and Monday offering a mix of sun and partial overcast, each day gradually warming, climaxing near a comfortable 70 degrees by Tuesday.

Alas, rainfall re-enters the chat by mid-week, when odds of precipitation climb to 50% Tuesday night. These showers might linger into Wednesday, dousing any remaining traces of the weekend’s warmth with a 40% chance of rain and cooler highs around 64 degrees. According to NWS Philadelphia, it’s a classic case of April's capricious temperament – balmy breezes giving way, without much ado, to the chill whisper of rainfall as the week progresses.