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Published on April 11, 2024
Portland Honors 911 Call Takers and Dispatchers During National Public Safety Telecommunicators WeekSource: Flickr / Scary Side of Earth

The unsung heroes serving as the city's first line of defense in emergencies are set to receive their due recognition quickly during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week from April 14 to 20. These dedicated 911 call takers and dispatchers of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC) play a vital role, providing life-saving instructions and ensuring that first responders are well-informed before they even arrive on the scene.

In an expression of gratitude, BOEC Director Bob Cozzie praised the professionalism and compassion of these workers. "Thank you to our call takers and dispatchers who have stood together through challenging times in serving our community with professionalism and compassion. Daily, they provide life-saving service and take pride in their work. Everyone in our community matters, and I am especially proud of the professionals at BOEC who answer calls for help each and every day,” according to a statement obtained by the City of Portland's official website.

The week-long observance aims to spotlight the critical role these individuals play in maintaining public safety—a job often carried out far from the public eye. Behind every emergency call is a dispatcher who must quickly make sense of stressful situations to send appropriate aid.

Portland City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez added his thanks: “On behalf of all Portlanders, a heartfelt thank you to every single call-taker and dispatcher at BOEC. Too often, they’re the unsung heroes of our public safety system, I’m deeply honored to recognize them this week. They show up every hour of every day to serve those in need, acting as primary first responders during some of the most distressing moments for our community. They answer these calls with expertise and empathy, and I’m proud of every single one of them. As Portland’s Commissioner of Public Safety, I remain deeply committed to supporting their critical work and needs," he told the City of Portland's official website. "They are, quite literally, our light in the darkness, and for that, I’m eternally grateful,” Gonzalez continued.