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Published on April 29, 2024
Portland Unveils New Wayfinding Project at Downtown SmartPark Garage to Support Local BusinessesSource: City of Portland, Oregon

Portland's Public Environment Management Office (PEMO) isn't just sitting in the cheap seats when it comes to city improvement; they're leading the charge. In a move that's got local business owners tipping their hats, PEMO debuted a swanky new wayfinding project at the SW 3rd and Alder SmartPark garage in Downtown Portland. This garage, which took a short nap last year for maintenance, is being spruced up to not only point drivers to other parking spaces but also shine a spotlight on the shops right under its nose.

The response came swift and robust after PEMO heard the grumbles during the Downtown Problem Solver meeting. The garage's plywood-covered façade was a sore thumb for some, but now, thanks to a little collaboration between PEMO, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), and a crew of local stakeholders, those planks are looking pretty as a picture with new Travel Portland-branded graphic wraps. As outlined in an official statement, these wraps do double duty: guiding visitors to the nearest open parking spots and giving a nod to the businesses calling the garage home, like Cuốn Vietnamese Street Food and Medallion Jewelers.

Who's footing the bill for this dolled-up direction? Mayor Ted Wheeler's Office put the cash on the barrel to make sure PEMO's project could take flight. The high-quality vinyl wraps ain't just eye candy – they're tough as nails, keeping the garage looking sharp during Oregon's bipolar weather. And it's not just the wraps grabbing eyeballs; even the less-flashy boards slapped with paint match the main attraction, creating a seamless look that's got Downtown Portland's fashion sense on point.

"By responding proactively to community feedback and collaborating closely with PBOT and our local stakeholders, PEMO has continued to deliver streamlined solutions," Mayor Wheeler boasted. Touting the makeover at the 3rd and Alder garage, he stressed the city's commitment to keeping Portland spruced up and inviting. Millicent D. Williams, the big cheese at PBOT, chimed in, vowing to keep both locals and out-of-towners stoked Downtown and to roll out the red carpet for the local storefronts.