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Published on April 16, 2024
Residents Evacuated as Fire Crews Quell Early Morning Blaze in Center City High-RiseSource: Google Street View

Fire crews rushed to tackle a blaze in a Center City high-rise that forced dozens from their beds into the cold early Tuesday morning. The fire, which started around 2:30 a.m. at 21st and Chestnut streets, triggered alarms and led to an urgent evacuation. According to FOX29, officials believe the fire started when mulch caught ablaze on a fifth-floor patio of an apartment building.

In a rush to respond to the emergency, residents were displaced by the fire that was quickly managed by the arriving fire department. Residents of the 2116 Chestnut building described a chaotic scene as they were herded from their homes. The NBC10 report mentions the fire department warning locals to avoid the area of 22nd and Chestnut streets during the firefighting operations.

The disturbance was a jolt for the community, many of whom were sleeping unaware of the potential danger just a few floors away. There were no injuries reported, and residents were allowed to return to their apartments once the fire was extinguished. The rapid response of the fire crews likely played a crucial role in preventing any serious harm or further damage to the property.

Evacuated in the middle of the night, the residents felt gratitude towards the firefighters and relief that no one was hurt by the fire. The blaze, which began on a balcony and possibly involved gardening materials, left many wondering about the vulnerability of their homes to such sudden accidents. Residents relayed to NBC10 that after a short while, they were let back into their homes.