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Published on April 12, 2024
Tarrant County Commemorates National Crime Victims' Rights Week with Commissioner Roy Brooks' ProclamationSource: Tarrant County District Attorney's Office

Tarrant County is putting a spotlight on those who have suffered at the hands of crime, as Commissioner Roy Brooks presented a proclamation declaring the observance of National Crime Victims' Rights Week. The commemorative week, recognized nationally, is a time set aside to bring attention to the plight of victims and the ongoing struggle for rights and services in their favor. According to the Tarrant County District Attorney's office, the proclamation emphasizes the county's dedication to "stand with survivors."

Commissioner Brooks' action, accompanied by unanimous approval from the other commissioners, marks a commitment to those impacted by criminal acts. Having the proclamation approved, Brooks took the lead in a ceremonious gesture that speaks to an entrenched community concern—ensuring that voices that are often overshadowed by perpetrators' narratives are given their due platform. "Thank you Tarrant County Commissioner Roy Brooks for the proclamation recognizing National Crime Victims' Rights Week – and thank you commissioners for approving it," stated the Tarrant County District Attorney.

In homage to those who have endured the aftermath of the crime, activities throughout the week typically include vigils, educational programs, and community outreach efforts focused on raising awareness about victims' issues. While details of the events hosted by Tarrant County during the week were not immediately available, it is expected that similar initiatives will be part of the local observance. Efforts like these are critical in empowering survivors and providing them with the support needed to navigate the aftermath of crime, offering a beacon of hope in what can often be a dark aftermath.