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Published on April 12, 2024
Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Warns of Increase in Fraudulent Calls Demanding CashSource: Tarrant County Sheriff's Office

Residents of Tarrant County have been urged to stay vigilant as the local Sheriff's office reports a rise in fraudulent calls masquerading as official law enforcement communications. Con artists, posing as members of the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office (TCSO), are threatening citizens with arrest unless they cough up cash immediately, officials warn.

The schemers are not above using the names of actual TCSO employees to add credibility to their ruse, demanding money for non-existent warrants, unpaid fines, or skipping jury duty. "These are scam calls," the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office stated in a recent alert. The office makes it clear that it "does not call and demand money over the phone to pay for warrants, fines or missed jury duty."

The fraudulent callers are also known to ask for payments through untraceable methods such as gift cards, green dot cards, or payment apps such as Zelle or CashApp, which are methods legitimate law enforcement would never employ. "We also do not ask for any payment via gift cards or green dot cards, or any payment app such as Zelle or CashApp," the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office statement emphasized. Any such request should be considered an immediate red flag and reported.

In confronting this ploy aimed at extorting the unsuspecting, the TCSO offers clear advice: if you receive a call that feels suspicious, keep your wallet closed and your personal information to yourself. Do not send any money or share any personal identifying information. Those who believe they might have been targeted by this scam are encouraged to reach out to their local police department or, for residents of unincorporated Tarrant County, to contact the TCSO Dispatch directly at 817-884-1213. The fight against such deceptive tactics is a collective endeavor, and the community's awareness is the first line of defense.