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Published on May 12, 2024
81 Cadets Join Pennsylvania State Police Ranks Following Rigorous Academy TrainingSource: Google Street View

The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) ranks have swelled with fresh blood as 81 cadets have successfully emerged from the crucible of the Academy’s rigorous 27-week training regimen. At a ceremony held at the LCBC Church in Manheim, these new troopers were honored for their perseverance and grit and will now be stationed across the Keystone State. Colonel Christopher L. Paris, PSP Commissioner, commended the graduates for their efforts and dedication to serving their communities.

"I am extremely proud of the hard work, determination, and resilience these cadets demonstrated to complete the rigorous training at the Academy," Col. Paris was quoted in a statement. He asserted that the latest graduates are key to the PSP’s ongoing mission to maintain safety and order throughout Pennsylvania. The class marks the 169th batch of cadets to join the storied ranks of the state's law enforcement agency.

The graduation was not without its share of distinction, as six cadets were awarded for superlative performance in various disciplines. Fox29 reported that special commendations highlighted the ceremony, with Conner J. Jones taking home the American Legion Award. This accolade recognizes a cadet’s outstanding academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications. The day was further marked by honors handed out to cadets who excelled in diverse aspects of training, from marksmanship to physical fitness to leadership.

The shining stars of the class include Tyler K. Hewett, who snatched the Gesford High Pistol Award for top-notch performance in the department's pistol qualification course, and Lance R. Klingler, who secured the John K. Schafer Memorial Award for his prowess in an array of physical skills tests. Meanwhile, Daniel J. Evans clinched the Colonel Paul J. Chylak Memorial Driver Proficiency Award for demonstrating exceptional driver safety skills. Jessica L. Swabowicz and Christian E. Leonarski were not to be outdone, earning the Daniel F. Dunn High Scholastic Award for academic brilliance and the Colonel Ronald M. Sharpe Leadership Award for leadership qualities, respectively.

A nod to the future in a time often filled with headlines of chaos and discord, these 81 new protectors of the peace stand ready to take their assignments. Their commitment to law and order exemplifies the ongoing saga of the PSP Academy's role in shaping the men and women who step forward to be the thin blue line between civilization and anarchy. With each passing class, Pennsylvania's shield against misfortune grows stronger, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who serve and protect.