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Published on May 27, 2024
Presidential Hopefuls Plunge $72M into Swing State Showdown, With Dems Dominating the DollarsSource: Unsplash/ Element5 Digital

The battleground for the presidential campaign is hard set in seven swing states where presidential hopefuls are pouring in their ad money, stirring up a media storm for voters from Arizona to Wisconsin. With the clock ticking down to Election Day, ad expenditures are soaring, with reports stating that a staggering $72.1 million has already been spent since Super Tuesday, as per an analysis by NPR referencing AdImpact data, as reported by WABE.

It's an all-out assault on the airwaves, especially in states like Pennsylvania, where the war chest has hemorrhaged $21.2 million, nearly $3 of every $10 dedicated to this one state alone, evidence that once again Pennsylvania's voters hold significant sway over the nation's political future. As the campaigns gear up, Democrats are demonstrating major financial muscle, outspending Republicans across the board, to the tune of $49.2 million to $22.1 million, the political ad trackers point out.

President Biden and his allies are leaving no stone unturned, outspending former President Donald Trump's supporters in every contested state. Interestingly, Trump’s own campaign has been almost silent, with ad spending just over $70,000, which is but a drop in the ocean compared to Biden's campaign's mammoth $34.2 million spend. MAGA Inc., not to be underestimated, has pitched in nearly $12 million, funneling four-fifths of its cache into Pennsylvania, leaving other key states like North Carolina and Wisconsin untouched, a move that has raised eyebrows amongst political strategists.

Meanwhile, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has carved out a niche for himself as an independent candidate, seizing media spaces with a respectable spend of over $800,000 on ads. In the ad race, the Affordable Care Act has steered back to the spotlight with a Biden-backed one that has aired a massive 7,700 times, changing narratives since its 2010 beatdown, with a recent KFF tracking poll highlighting a record high of 62% favorability for the law.

A different picture is painted by the most prolific ad from MAGA Inc., centering on immigration, but the group shifted gears in the past week to an ad trained on the economy, featuring unfounded implications about Biden’s mental faculties. Abortion remains the issue with the heaviest financial backing and the largest number of ads, clocking in at a colossal $19 million followed by immigration and crime issues amounting to $8.7 million and $8.4 million respectively, according to the detailed analysis.