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Published on May 28, 2024
Auburn Neighborhood Rattled by Fatal Shooting During "High-Risk" Eviction by OfficersSource: Google Street View

A fatal shooting involving Auburn officers has put a neighborhood on edge following a "high-risk" eviction operation that turned deadly last Friday. According to local workers, the rapid gunfire was startling as it pierced through the calm of a typical day. Angela Fenske, who works near the engulfed apartment complex, expressed her alarm to FOX 13, stating, "It’s scary. That amount of gunfire, it was a lot." She recounted to the outlet how the shots interrupted her workday: "I was sitting at my desk when I heard the gunshots."

The clash ensued around 11 AM when SWAT team members from the King County Sheriff's Office, alongside Auburn Police, visited the apartment complex close to the downtown Safeway to execute the eviction. Following the shooting, the residence was quickly sealed off, with bullet holes visible in the structural facade, a silent testament to the chaos that unfolded. Following incidents like these, the officers involved have been routinely placed on administrative leave, reported KOMO News.

In the aftermath, Auburn Way South's traffic flow between Second Street Southeast and East Main Street was brought to a standstill for the better part of the afternoon, halting a segment of the city. According to the city's latest updates, clearing operations allowed southbound lanes to gradually reopen after 3 PM, with the expectation that northbound lanes will resume later.

With the King County Sheriff's Office and Auburn Police Department directly tied to the shooting, the Valley Independent Investigative Team (VIIT), a collective of seven south King County police departments, has taken up the mantle of impartial investigation, according to KOMO News. The Des Moines Police Department spearheads the investigative efforts, removing any internal biases that might color the findings amidst a community's shaken trust.