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Published on May 10, 2024
Bridge Repairs to Impact I-95 South Commutes at Philadelphia's Betsy Ross Interchange Starting Next WeekSource: Dough4872, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Get ready, night owls of Philly—your nighttime commutes on I-95 South are about to hit a roadblock. According to PennDOT, bridge deck repairs are kicking off next week in Northeast Philadelphia, putting a wrench into the wheels of anyone braving the Betsy Ross Bridge/Aramingo Avenue Interchange. With a hefty $37.4 million in the bank to spruce up 27 bridges, the agency aims to keep this vital vein of the city's traffic flow beating without a hitch.

Navigating through the graveyard shift from Monday, May 13, to Friday, May 17, drivers should brace for a crawl as a single lane takes its leave starting at 9:00 PM. The traffic squeezes tighter when a double lane closure joins the party at 12:00 AM, stretching until the bleary-eyed hour of 5:00 AM. PennDOT cautions weary travelers to factor the work zone's chokehold into their timings or risk the sting of elongated delays. However, all this nocturnal activity is at the mercy of the skies—any cranky weather could throw a spanner in the works.

IEW Construction Group, Inc., the muscle from Hamilton, N.J., takes the helm on this federally-funded project. They're not just playing patch-up: the crew will also shine up 11 heavy-duty steel sign structures and flick the switch on cutting-edge LED lighting to cut through the darkness of Philadelphia's streets. The promise of smoother rides and brighter nights beckons, but not before the final curtain in late 2027.

Motorists used to the light-speed lanes of I-95 South will need to brake for patience. The contractor will drill down to the bones of the bridges, tending to the steel and concrete that shoulders our daily hustle, outlined by PennDOT. From the underbelly debris removal to structural facelifts, no girder unturned—relentless efforts pledge to keep this pulse point of Philadelphia's infrastructure in fine fettle.