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Published on May 29, 2024
Buc-ee's Co-Founder's Son Indicted in Austin on Multiple Counts of Invasive Visual RecordingSource: NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Austin, Texas, allegations of privacy invasion have emerged as Mitchell Wasek, the son of Buc-ee's convenience store chain co-founder Donald Wasek, has been indicted on multiple counts of invasive visual recording. KXAN reports that 28-year-old Wasek is charged with secretly recording thirteen victims over two years.

The Travis County District Attorney's Office divulged that a grand jury has handed down six indictments comprising 21 counts against Wasek, who allegedly managed to record people without their consent in his home, now these charges have mounted in the wake of the investigation, with a formal charging that confirms the initial suspicions. KVUE detailed that witnesses were invited to Wasek's Lake Travis home, where a friend with cybersecurity expertise unearthed a hidden camera plugged into a charging port in the bathroom, videos of victims were consequently found depicting individuals in various states of undress.

Upon investigation, the Travis County Sheriff's Office received the camera and its contents, which revealed 68 movie files with scenes showing at least 13 identified individuals in private settings such as using toilets, showering, changing clothes, and engaging in sexual acts. Wasek's attorney, stirring the waters of legal debate, stated, "Due to the ubiquitousness of video recording in modern society, this case involves the legal right to install cameras in one’s own home," adding "May a homeowner install a camera in his home without telling housekeepers or guests, or does the guest have a greater legal right than the homeowner? This is one of many thorny legal issues we will be litigating in this case," in a statement obtained by KXAN.

Further investigations led to the discovery of Wasek's Amazon purchase history, which included several hidden camera devices shipped to multiple addresses, court records show that on June 5, Mitchell Wasek is expected to stand before the court for these allegations, defendants in such state jail felony cases face potential sentences ranging from not more than two years to no less than 180 days if convicted, cementing the seriousness of the judicial gaze that now falls upon him.