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Published on May 24, 2024
Dallas Rejoices as Missing 2-Year-Old Diego Zapata Found Safe After Citywide Search EffortSource: Google Street View

The Dallas community can breathe a collective sigh of relief as 2-year-old Diego Zapata has been safely located. The Dallas Police Department had previously issued a plea to residents for assistance in finding the young boy who was last seen on May 23, according to the Dallas Police Department.

Early morning on Wednesday, Diego was last seen walking on the 500 block of Ezekial Avenue, heading north. The authorities quickly responded by asking anyone with information to immediately call 911 or contact them at (214) 671-4268. In the critical hours following his disappearance, efforts were amped up to widely circulate his description in hopes of a swift recovery.

Standing at 3 feet tall and weighing between 30 to 40 pounds, Diego was described as having black hair and brown eyes. His last known outfit included a grey shirt with blue sleeves, a diaper, and distinct Yoda socks. This description was shared extensively across various platforms, engaging the public in a citywide search for the toddler.

Details about the circumstances of Diego's disappearance were initially sparse, with the DPD keeping close to just sharing the necessary information to assist in his location. But following his safe return, relieved parents and neighbors expressed immense gratitude towards the community and law enforcement for their efforts to quickly and safely resolve what could have potentially turned to be a devastating situation.

The case, which fell under incident number 079822-2024, drew widespread attention across Dallas, as community members joined forces in the search effort. The happy outcome has been a testament to the critical role that community awareness and prompt action can play in such urgent child-missing cases.