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Published on May 29, 2024
Dallas Swallowed by Storm: 200K Left in the Dark, Lengthy Power Outages ExpectedSource: Benjamin Stäudinger, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dallas is dark and storm-beaten, with damage that will take days to mend. Toddling out of the tempest's tantrum, Dallas officials tackle the tough task of turning the lights back on for nearly 200,000 powerless citizens. Oncor, the city's electricity provider, scrambles to bring back the bright, claiming that 190,687 folks are flying blind without power. They're urging those in the dark to text "OUT" to 66267 or light up their app, MyOncor, to report the blackout, according to the City of Dallas.

While crews are playing heroes against the clock, there's a warning – don’t expect a swift save. The cleanup crusade could crawl into several days before the final flicker of a repaired bulb. Residents itching to report an obstacle can dial 311 and leak the info on downed timber or debris cluttering the concrete. These reports are like breadcrumbs for the cleanup crew, leading them to battered boulevards.

The city, flexing its mercy muscle, unbuckles restrictions and allows residents to stack tree wreckage street-side. They've got a 20-cubic-yard quota for nature's refuse, good for 15 days, though your everyday bulk should stay put. Traffic lights, 316 of them, blinked out of existence, and another 122 are in a dizzying disco flash. Temporary stop signs will pop up like mushrooms at vital veins of vehicular flow.

For those seeking shelter from the storm, city facilities, including recreation centers and libraries, stand as beacons of hope, offering respite starting tomorrow. A click here brings you to the latest intel on their open hours. And remember, 911 isn't for storm tales – keep the line clear for the direst distress only.

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