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Published on May 15, 2024
Eden Prairie Package Thief Apprehended, Facing Felony Charges After EPPD InvestigationSource: City of Eden Prairie, MN

A brazen package thief was nabbed after EPPD investigators tracked him down thanks to video footage and diligent detective work. On April 16, after an apartment complex manager reported the theft to police, officers swung into action. A vigilant tenant noted a missing package, which led to the discovery of multiple compromised parcels and the eventual arrest of the suspect, according to the City of Eden Prairie, MN.

With a facemask concealing his identity, the suspect—a resident of the very complex he preyed upon—was caught on camera rifling through about 15 packages and walking away with eight, as per the City of Eden Prairie, MN. Despite initially evading identification, worn during the theft, EPPD detectives did not take long to spot a distinctive piece of clothing in the suspect's apartment. Alongside it, they found an empty Amazon box with a glaring clue: an address label pointing to another unit in the complex.

The evidence was damning and swift justice followed. The suspect found himself behind bars, facing two felony counts of mail theft. While these crimes often leave victims and investigators empty-handed, the EPPD's sharp detective work made short work of the case, restoring a measure of security to the rattled apartment dwellers.

As stated by the City of Eden Prairie, MN, "Even if you think it's unlikely that the perpetrator will be caught," the EPPD reminds residents in a forthright appeal, "please call 911 to report mail or package theft." Further, they advise proactive measures: network with neighbors to secure deliveries, tuck packages away from prying street-side eyes, and install surveillance tech to keep a watchful – albeit electronic – eye on your doorstep. Amazon and the postal service, they point out, offer services to stow valuables safely until they can be picked up by their rightful owners.