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Published on May 28, 2024
Frisco Firefighters Respond to Celina Tornado, Rally Support for Own amid Personal LossesSource: Frisco Fire Department

In the wake of a devastating tornado, the men and women of the Frisco Fire Department didn't just stand by—they swung into action, offering a helping hand to their neighbors in Celina. According to a statement from the City of Frisco, their Structure Collapse Response team was dispatched to aid in the aftermath of the storm, which ravaged homes and left a trail of destruction.

The storm, which hit on the night of May 25, struck close to home for the responders. Five of the department’s own had their homes in the path of the tornado – four of those homes were severely damaged to the point of being uninhabitable, and a fifth suffered minor damage. In an extraordinary show of resilience, none of the firefighters, nor their families, were injured even as their worlds were turned upside down.

Through it all, the affected firefighters maintained their commitment to service, aiding others even as their homes lay in tatters. Assistant Chief Kyle Mills heralded the dedication of his team in the face of personal loss, as per the City of Frisco, "Our hearts go out to all the victims of last night’s tornado, including some of our own firefighters impacted by the violent storm," Mills said. "We’re incredibly proud of those same firefighters who, despite their own losses, jumped into action to help their own neighbors.  We’re supporting our firefighters and their families by ensuring they have a safe place to stay, as well everyday essentials, during this very difficult time."

The efforts underway to assist those affected by the tornado underscore not just a community coming together, but also a brotherhood within the fire department that refuses to falter in hardship. Securing shelter and necessities for their colleagues, the Frisco Fire Department stands as a pillar of strength for all members of the community, ensuring that those who serve are not left behind. Further details on the extent of the storm's impact have yet to be released.