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Published on May 24, 2024
Graduation Celebration Turns Violent with Gunshots at Oakland's Skyline High School, Two Injured and Multiple DetainedSource: Google Street View

A graduation ceremony at Skyline High School turned chaotic Thursday evening when gunshots rang out, leaving two injured amidst the celebration. The incident, which sent students and families scrambling for cover, occurred around 7:45 p.m. during the conclusion of the event, as reported by KTVU.

Oakland Police Department is currently investigating the shooting, which took place in the 12200 block of Skyline Boulevard. Officers who responded to the scene discovered a man and a woman, both with gunshot wounds. In a statement obtained by the Oakland Police Department's Facebook page, paramedics provided immediate aid and transferred the victims to a hospital where their condition was last listed as stable.

Authorities have detained two individuals in connection with the violence at the northern California high school. However, in a press conference, Lieutenant Robert Trevino indicated that the exact number of suspects remains undetermined. According to the KTVU report, the shooting is believed to be an isolated incident stemming from a dispute shortly before the gunfire broke out.

Witnesses shared their harrowing experiences, among them, a parent who recounted hearing "two bangs" and seeing people run in terror, initially mistaking the shots for fireworks initially. "I told my husband, 'I don't think those were fireworks,'", she relayed via KTVU. In contrast, "For a high school graduation to end like this is horrible," she said. Amidst the bedlam, a graduating student named Mohamed Sulaiman remained positive, stating he had a "happy day" because of his accomplishment despite the event's gravity.

As the investigation continues, the OPD Felony Assault Unit has called for public assistance. Meanwhile, Skyline High School resumes grappling with the aftermath of a celebration marred by violence and a community left shaken as they processed a sudden intrusion of gun violence into a milestone event. Anyone with information has been asked to reach out to OPD at (510) 238-3426.