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Published on May 26, 2024
Grand Rapids Family Seeks Answers After Teen Fatally Struck by Deputy's Cruiser, Demands Video ReleaseSource: Grand Rapids Police Department

The family of a 17-year-old boy, Riley Doggett, who died after being struck by a deputy's cruiser in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is demanding transparency and the release of all videos relating to the incident. Doggett sustained fatal injuries during a police chase on April 8 and passed away on May 9, as reported by FOX 17.

The chase began after deputies identified a vehicle, in which Doggett was allegedly a passenger, as stolen. Following the crash, Doggett and another individual tried to escape on foot but Doggett was hit by a police cruiser. WOODTV reports that the Kent County Medical Examiner's Office has labeled the death an "accident," a classification that the family's attorney, Ven Johnson, publicly disputes.

At a press conference, Johnson, alongside Kent County Commissioner Robert Womack, called for justice and the release of dash and body camera footage. The family's lawyer stated, "If there is a video, which you all know there is, if it's bad for you or your side, that should not be a deciding factor for how long you hold onto it," according to FOX 17. He further voiced his intention to push for a law to require law enforcement agencies to quickly release videos in criminal cases.

However, the Kent County Sheriff's Office has yet to make the footage public, stating they are awaiting the prosecutor's review of the evidence. According to 13 ON YOUR SIDE, the sheriff's office said more information would be released after the evaluation was complete. The family's quest for clarity is compounded by their lawyer's criticism of the police for not immediately releasing the video evidence.

The lawyers representing the Doggett family have also conducted an independent autopsy, the results of which have not yet been released. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old driver of the stolen vehicle faces charges including fleeing a police officer and resisting police. The death reignited community discussions about the use of force and accountability, as Doggett's family continues to mourn the teenager, remembering him as a loving individual with a passion for sports and helping others, as noted in his obituary shared by FOX 17.