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Published on May 28, 2024
Interstate 17 Southbound Closed in Central Phoenix Due to Police Activity, ADOT Advises Alternate RoutesSource: X/Arizona DOT

PHOENIX – In what is being called a "police situation," the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has shut down Interstate 17 southbound at Camelback Road, causing significant disruptions to traffic in central Phoenix. According to ADOT, drivers have been advised to exit the interstate at or before Camelback Road and seek out alternative routes as the freeway remains closed with no immediate timetable provided for reopening, as reported by AZFamily

Commuters scrambled to reroute their journeys this evening as the closure seemingly appeared out of nowhere, as per ABC15. Officials have been tight-lipped about the nature of the police situation, only confirming that the southbound traffic has had to be diverted. Efforts to quickly gather more detailed information have so far proven futile, with the Phoenix Police Department remaining unavailable for an immediate comment.

As the investigation continues, the public waits to eventually learn what exactly prompted this drastic measure to close a major artery through the city. In the meantime, authorities are suggesting that motorists plan to avoid the affected area altogether and to stay alert for updates which might indicate when they can expect to once again freely travel the impeded stretch of I-17 southbound.