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Published on May 28, 2024
Knoxville Braces for Delightful Spring Weather with Sunshine and 80-Degree HighsSource: AppalachianCentrist, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The residents of Knoxville are in for a spell of clear skies and comfortable temperatures, as the National Weather Service forecasts a series of sunny days. Today's weather is set to hit highs of a pleasant 81 degrees, with light winds picking up in the afternoon. As the morning fog and mist dissipate, humidity levels will remain high at 94%, promising a warm yet damp start to the day.

Tonight's outlook indicates a continuation of mostly clear skies, dipping to a cooler 57 degrees. The calm, westward wind is expected to persist, providing a gentle breeze through the evening hours. The same pattern will grace Wednesday and Thursday, with the NWS predicting abundant sunshine and highs hovering near the late 70s. Conditions are prime for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities or just bask in the glory of a near-perfect spring climate.

Knoxvillians should carry on with any picnic plans into the weekend but keep an eye on the sky come Saturday afternoon. The chance of precipitation inches up to 30%, signaling a slight shift in the otherwise clear week. Saturday night ups the ante, with a 40 percent shot at showers and thunderstorms, according to the NWS. The lows will remain mild in the low 60s, while the days continue to boast high temperatures in the low 80s.

The pattern of warmth and intermittent showers will carry on into Sunday and Monday, each day presenting a 40 percent probability of rain and thunderstorms. While the sun won't be completely hidden behind the clouds, it would be wise for locals to have their umbrellas ready. Stay tuned to the NWS for further updates, especially if planning to venture out on these potentially wetter days.