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Published on May 22, 2024
Knoxville Braces for Week of Thunderstorms, National Weather Service Advises CautionSource: Unsplash / Anandu Vinod

Knoxville residents might want to keep their umbrellas handy this week as the National Weather Service forecasts a series of thunderstorms potentially washing over the region, after a partly sunny sky today with highs close to 85 degrees and a slight uptick in the usual light breeze, it seems like the calm before the storm. According to their latest update, there is a 10 percent chance of showers and storms starting early tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy conditions will prevail with a low of around 67 degrees; these conditions set the stage for a wetter end to the week as the chance of precipitation jumps significantly.

Beginning Thursday, the likelihood of encountering showers and thunderstorms spikes to 70 percent, mainly after 2 pm, with new rainfall amounts expected to be between a tenth and a quarter of an inch – although this could be higher in areas hit by thunderstorms, the southwest wind remains a mild factor, hanging around 5 mph in the afternoon. Thursday night continues with similar probabilities, as showers and thunderstorms are predicted to continue, mostly before 8 pm, just as residents prepare to wind down their evenings under mostly cloudy skies and a steady low in the mid-60s.

The pattern of precipitous conditions is slated to persist into the weekend; the forecast from the National Weather Service signals a 70 percent chance of showers, possibly a thunderstorm, come Friday. This weather could disrupt plans for outdoor activities with a high near 82 degrees, even as winds remain light. Saturday's not looking much better, with a 60 percent chance of rain, which could impact any weekend outings or sporting events.

As citizens look towards the end of the week, Sunday and the following Memorial Day plan for a near-repeat performance of showers and storms with highs hovering around the mid-80s, dropping to the upper 60s at night, such predictability in chances of rainfall, at a steady 70 percent, might offer small solace in planning for these days. Transitioning into the new week, the likelihood of getting wet diminishes slightly but still stands at a coin toss's chance Monday night, and a mere 10 percent less come Tuesday.