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Published on May 29, 2024
LAFD Helicopter Dramatically Rescues Injured Hiker in Griffith ParkSource: Google Street View

An early afternoon hike took a painful turn for a 23-year-old man in Griffith Park today after he suffered an ankle injury, which prompted a dramatic rescue by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The injured hiker, who was trekking through a remote area near 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, was hoisted to safety by an LAFD helicopter following a coordinated rescue effort. According to the LAFD alert, the on-scene park rangers indicated the man's injury at around 11:50 AM. With narrow trails and difficult terrain, the rescue task was not simple. The LAFD personnel, hindered by the steep conditions, saw no other choice but to deploy the helicopter after ground crews had navigated the challenging paths to reach the man.

"Due to steep and difficult terrain, LAFD personnel ultimately decided to hoist the patient into a helicopter and transport him to a nearby hospital for further treatment," said the LAFD statement on their official website. The man, having been swiftly delivered to hospital hands, now awaits the care needed to mend his twisted ankle, the details of his condition yet unknown.

Rescue units including Battalion 5, Engines 235, and 56, along with helicopters H4 and H5 rushed to the scene, cooperatively orchestrating what became a high-flying escape from the verdant hills of Los Angeles' famed city park. The LAFD website confirms that Fire Station 35, Battalion 5, West Bureau, and Council District 4 crews were among the responding entities.