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Published on May 27, 2024
Man Arrested After Destructive Crash in Clinton Leaves Residents Without Power, Faces Multiple ChargesSource: Facebook/Clinton Police Department

A 22-year-old man has been arrested following a destructive early morning crash in Clinton that left residents rattled and without power. According to the Clinton Police Department, the commotion unfolded around 7 AM at 980-990 Main St, where a vehicle veered off the road and caused extensive damage including mangled homes, a snapped telephone pole, a totalled parked car, and a hazardous gas leak.

The havoc forced officials to shut down the road and issue an evacuation order. As the responders worked to contain the gas leak, National Grid Gas and Electric swooped in to begin repairs. Amid the chaos, the driver, described as "assaultive and uncooperative" by authorities, was tackled and apprehended by police. According to police statements, he will be hit with a slew of charges, from unlicensed operation to resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

With the perpetrator in cuffs, the investigation into the incident continues. The police divulged that further charges might yet be slapped on the young man as the probe deepens. Among the litany of accusations, are multiple counts of destruction of property and operating the vehicle under the influence, an offense carrying its own weight of consequences.

The disruption prompted a surge of responders to the scene, including fire fighters and animal control. Municipal workers from both the Clinton Department of Public Works and the nearby Lancaster Police Department were called to assist in efforts to safely secure and investigate the scene. Even as the community inhales a shaky sigh of relief, the full extent of the aftermath is still to be tallied, as the Clinton Building Inspector joins the array of departments picking through the debris.