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Published on May 28, 2024
Man Wounded in Shootout at Atlantic City Boat Ramp, Seattle Police InvestigateSource: Google Street View

A Sunday night shootout at an Atlantic City Boat Ramp has left a 49-year-old man recovering from a gunshot wound to the arm, according to authorities. The incident, which shattered the calm of the waterfront as bullets flew, occurred shortly before the 9:00 p.m. witching hour. The Seattle Police Department rushed to the scene after receiving reports of gunfire.

Upon their arrival, police discovered the wounded man and several cars that had taken hits during the shooting, wearing damage-like badges of the chaos that had erupted, according to the Seattle Police Department. As officers scrambled to provide initial medical attention, the victim held on until the Seattle Fire Department paramedics could whisk him away to Harborview Medical Center. He is currently listed in stable condition, a testimony to the resilience of flesh and fortitude.

"Police located several vehicles with bullet damage and collected more than a dozen shell casings from the scene," detailed an SPD Blotter report. While detectives continue to gather evidence and piece together the narrative of this violent puzzle, the motive and circumstances that led to the shooting remain veiled in uncertainty.