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Published on May 12, 2024
Manchester Man Charged with Assault After Allegedly Toppling Porta-Potty, Trapping Woman and ChildSource: Unsplash/ Tingey Injury Law Firm

A brazen and bizarre attack left a mother and her young daughter smeared in filth after a man allegedly toppled a porta-potty they were using in a Manchester, N.H., park. According to the Manchester Police Department, Aiden Studer, 18, was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal restraint and criminal mischief over the disgusting incident. He is also facing an assault charge for launching an object at a police officer during his arrest.

The unsettling episode unfolded at Derryfield Park on May 8. Before pushing over the portable toilet, Studer supposedly got into an altercation with the woman. "Struder and the female victim were arguing near the porta-potty before he allegedly pushed it over, covering the woman and child in human excrement," a Manchester police spokesperson told Boston25News. The porta-potty landed door-down, trapping the victims inside and dousing them with its unsanitary contents. Quick-acting onlookers immediately intervened, putting the porta-potty right-side up and freeing the mother and her 4-year-old daughter from the revolting mess. Police stated that, thankfully, the victims were not physically harmed during this traumatic ordeal.

Details surrounding the circumstances of the argument and subsequent assault remain scant. "Studer and the victims did not know each other prior to the incident" according to the police statement.

As of last reports, it was not clear if Studer had been arraigned or if a lawyer was set to represent him. The case is expected to be prosecuted at the 9th Circuit District Division in Goffstown, based on online court listings. There has been no comment from Studer or representatives on his behalf as the legal proceedings lay ahead.