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Published on May 27, 2024
Mansfield Police Warn Residents of Alleged Scam by National Police Association Seeking DonationsSource: Mansfield Police Department

Residents of Mansfield, Texas, have been warned against an alleged scam involving the National Police Association (NPA). The Mansfield Police Department has taken to social media to alert the public about the unsolicited donation requests being sent to citizens, under the guise of supporting local police efforts. In a Facebook post, the department clarified that they have no affiliation with the NPA and that the organization's claims of supporting the city's police are unfounded.

According to the Mansfield Police Department, they are "not 'supported' in any way by funds donated to the National Police Association." The warning came after multiple reports surfaced from concerned citizens who had received these dubious solicitation letters. The department has expressed its gratitude towards the community for bringing the issue to their attention and for their ongoing support of the local police.

The NPA, which brands itself as a 501(C)(3) organization, has reportedly been involved in similar incidents in other parts of the country. Citizens are urged by the Mansfield authorities to remain vigilant and conduct thorough research into the legitimacy of any organization requesting donations, particularly when these appear to be in association with city entities.

This notice serves as a critical reminder to the residents of Mansfield to verify the credibility of charitable solicitations, as doing so can prevent unintended support of fraudulent schemes. The Mansfield Police Department's action to proactively inform and protect its citizens is a demonstration of its commitment to the community's well-being and trust.