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Published on May 17, 2024
Maricopa Allocates 40% of Capital Budget to Roadway Maintenance Ahead of New Fiscal YearSource: City of Maricopa

Maricopa is set to work on road maintenance, allocating 40% of its Capital Improvement Plan budget to street infrastructure this fiscal year, which kicks off July 1. The goal is to keep Maricopa's roadways in top-grade condition. According to a recent report, the city's latest efforts include a robust schedule of crack-sealing on key streets and in neighborhood blocks that's already underway.

The multi-step process includes crucial repairs followed by a protective layer of specialized asphalt coatings that aim to ward off further wear and tear. Keith Brown, the Public Works Director of Maricopa confirmed the strategy in an interview, saying, “By proactively addressing issues such as cracks and surface deterioration, the city is not only preserving its investment in infrastructure but also reducing the likelihood of more extensive repairs becoming necessary in the future.” 

It's a strategic call on which roads get the fix first, hinging on their current state and how urgently they need a touch-up. Certain areas like Glennwilde Grove and Homestead have rolled through the initial phase of sealing, and are now looking fresh with a new coat of fog sealing and spiffy stripes to boot. The attention to these details has not just improved local streets but also boosted the main roads that see most of Maricopa's traffic—the likes of Porter Road and Smith Enke Road—that now serve as smoother, safer conduits for commuters and visitors alike.

Maricopians can expect a bevy of projects on the horizon: the stretch of Porter Road from Bowlin Road to Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway itself from Antone Street to Russell Road, Hartman Road, and the slice of John Wayne Parkway from Smith Enke Road down to the city's southern fringes. All are marked for maintenance in the coming weeks, ensuring roads are in the best possible nick for everyone's daily commute.

Maricopa’s weekly newsletter and Facebook page are the go-to sources for updates on when and where the preservation projects are unfolding. 

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