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Published on May 29, 2024
Mayor Karen Bass Hails New Los Angeles City Council President Marqueece Harris-DawsonSource: City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is set for a change of guard in its city council leadership. Mayor Karen Bass announced yesterday that Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson has been elected as the new Los Angeles City Council President. Official statements reveal that in a city grappling with public safety and homelessness, the Mayor and newly elected council head have vowed to join forces. "I look forward to continuing to lock arms with Council leadership to bring more unhoused Angelenos inside and make Los Angeles safer for all," Mayor Bass said in a statement in an article published on the official website of the mayor.

In the swivel of power, the outgoing Council President Paul Krekorian earned a commendation from Mayor Bass for his stewardship through turbulent tides. With Krekorian at the helm, the council navigated through particularly rocky seasons, advancing key governance reforms and maintaining the city's legislative sail. Following the election of Councilman Harris-Dawson, Bass reflected, "For decades, President Krekorian has served with distinction and with a deep dedication to the people of Los Angeles and it has been an honor to serve together once again," a sentiment underscored of her statement as noted by the Mayor's office.

As Los Angeles turns a fresh page, all eyes are on Council President-elect Marqueece Harris-Dawson who has been a long-standing figure in City Hall. His tenure is marked by efforts to unite diverse facets of the city, garnering support across various sectors. The Mayor's statement denotes that while this leadership shift is signified as a step forward, gratitude remains strong for the outgoing Council President's steadfast governance.

Council President-elect Harris-Dawnson inherits a council wrestling with notions of public safety and the quest to home the city's vast homeless population, embraced tightly by the Mayor's agenda. Los Angeles residents anticipate this new leadership to navigate through these issues with commitment and insight, hoping this alliance between the Mayor and Councilman Harris-Dawson would address their pressing concerns. As the City Council braces for its next chapter, the spirit of collective endeavor remains the linchpin for a hopeful Los Angeles.