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Published on May 23, 2024
Meacham International Airport's Control Tower Set for $12M Upgrade Under Infrastructure ActSource: City of Fort Worth

Meacham International Airport's dated air traffic control tower is scheduled for a major facelift. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is doling out funds to revamp the 56-year-old structure as a part of the country's infrastructure overhaul.

The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), inked in November 2021, is the cash cow behind the operation, earmarking a cool $5 billion for air traffic control tower modernization. Meacham's facility, birthed in 1968, ranks on the list of 31 towers slated for an upgrade — standing alone as the Lone Star state's beneficiary, according to the City of Fort Worth.

The replacement is quite the leap; It’s swapping the current 54-foot-tall structure for a towering 120-footer. Air traffic controllers are poised to get a clear visual field, dumping the older tower's blind spots for a bird's eye view. The new high-rise control center aims to streamline safety and improve efficiency in guiding birds of steel through takeoffs and landings.

The project's $12 million price tag is covered in full by the FAA and spans from design and site prep to construction. This upgrade is more than a fresh coat of paint — it’s expected to enhance the overall operations of the bustling airfield. "The City is very fortunate for this selection," highlights the anticipated benefits for Meacham International Airport's future in air transport, as per the City of Fort Worth.

What's currently on the FAA's radar is a precise site review to guarantee the spot checks out. Once the green light is on, and the new ATC tower is live, the dated one gets the chop, freeing up space for more aero-centric uses.

As it stands, Meacham's makeover is a nod to the broader ambition of the IIJA, which is gunning to give U.S. infrastructure a much-needed reboot, ensuring that when we take to the skies, it's done with a promise of improved safety and slicker operations.

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