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Published on May 03, 2024
Milton Unveils New Plan to Refurbish Highway 9 and Windward Parkway, Spearheaded by City Architect Bob BuscemiSource: Google Street View

Milton is setting its sights on the Deerfield area, rolling out a new Implementation Plan aimed to revitalize the aging corridors of Highway 9 and Windward Parkway. The initiative, spearheaded by Bob Buscemi, City Architect and now Director of Special Projects, aims to re-imagine the district to better reflect the city's post-2006 identity. According to a City of Milton announcement, this move is timely with the highway's widening and a spike in development proposals.

Buscemi, who has been instrumental in Milton's community development efforts, expressed on the City of Milton website, "Deerfield must emerge as the primary economic driver for Milton's future." As the community development director, he has diligently preserved Milton's essence. Now, he is poised to assume a new role dedicated to promptly spearheading this initiative. The city aims to swiftly recruit a new Community Development Director, planning a national search to facilitate the hiring process.

The Deerfield Implementation Plan is envisioned as a vibrant and community-focused roadmap, drawing from previous studies such as the Milton Community Trails Prioritization Plan and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, among others. Milton officials emphasize that it's not solely about design and infrastructure; it's also about ensuring the area's economic sustainability and preserving its unique charm. "Now is the opportune moment to focus on Deerfield and chart a course forward that benefits Milton, the local businesses, and our residents," shared City Councilmember Jan Jacobus, whose district will be directly affected by the plan, according to the City of Milton.

Feedback is not only welcome but encouraged, with the city planning to host a series of in-person and online forums to gather public insights. To invite more citizens into the conversation, the City of Milton's Facebook page and website will be the hub for updates and announcements. Phil Cranmer, another councilmember representing the area, told the public, "By being purposeful and proactive now, we can be successful in the future." His confidence lies with Buscemi, who's expected to lead this charge into a new phase of development.

Milton's Mayor, Peyton Jamison, has expressed deep appreciation for Buscemi's commitment to the city and its legacy. "Few people have contributed as significantly to preserving the essence of Milton as Bob Buscemi," Jamison told residents. As the city embarks on this ambitious plan, the shared optimism from city officials points toward a significant transformation for Deerfield, setting the stage for City of Milton's economic and aesthetic evolution.

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