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Published on May 28, 2024
Montebello Couple Devastated After Armed Suspect Steals French Bulldog During Evening WalkSource: Google Street View

A Montebello couple's ordinary evening stroll with their French bulldog turned into a harrowing experience when an armed man stole their pet at gunpoint. Mario Felix, with his wife by his side, had taken their dog, Jennifer, out for a walk on Victoria Avenue when the thief struck, reported FOX 11.

Surveillance footage captured the suspect, described as a tall man, approaching the couple at around 10 p.m., demanding Felix's watch, wallet, and ultimately the dog, "He goes ‘give me your wallet, give me your watch’ and he goes ‘I’m taking your dog.' And I go ‘You’re not going to take my dog' and he put the gun closer to me and I just froze. He got my dog. He got the collar and leash and just ran with it," Felix recounted to FOX 11.

Montebello Police responded swiftly, but the suspect had already fled in a silver Kia Optima, noted for missing its back bumper, as per ABC7.

The loss of Jennifer has left the Felix family heartbroken and concerned due to her special needs. According to Mario Felix's statements obtained by NBC Los Angeles, the French bulldog acts as a support system for him, helping him cope with neuropathy, requires medication, and is on a special diet. "She’s very healing," Felix said, fighting back tears. 

With French bulldogs fetching a high price and frequently targeted for theft, the family had never anticipated such a crime to unfold in their neighborhood. Felix expressed to CBS Los Angeles their willingness to do anything for her safe return, including paying a ransom if required, "Whatever it takes to get Jennifer back, I'll do whatever it takes." Montebello police are pressing for anyone with information about the dog to come forward, as the shaken couple considers their French bulldogs part of the family.