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Published on May 24, 2024
Nashville's River Trace Closed Due to Rock Slide, NDOT Monitors Unstable Rock FaceSource: Google Street View

A slice of Nashville is on rocky ground after a recent rock slide prompted the closure of a key route. River Trace, hugging State Route 12 (Ashland City Highway), is off-limits to through traffic following unsettling findings from geological experts and the Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT).

Nashville's road warriors faced detours since May 15, when the slide initially sent rubble across the Trace. Despite the swift clearing actions, NDOT engineers spotted causes for concern—a rock face that could crumble further, threatening public safety. The assessment, detailed on the City's website, noted "multiple fissures" potentially heralding more instability.

Residents who call the area home won't need to reroute their daily lives just yet. They can still access their properties despite the shutdown, a concession to local needs amid broader safety precautions. And while commuter concerns mount, municipal leaders are taking a hands-on approach to communication and contingency planning.

In a collaboration reflecting urgency and a commitment to transparency, the NDOT and their Geotech partners, together with Nashville's crisis coordinators at OEM, have opened channels with both the Mayor's staff and Metro Council.