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Published on May 13, 2024
Philadelphia Hosts Showcase with Québec to Propel Eco-Friendly Transit and Climate Goals at Navy YardSource: Google Street View

Philly is once again leading the charge towards futuristic, eco-friendly transportation with a second Smart and Sustainable Mobility Showcase today at the Navy Yard. In partnership with Québec government office in New York, SEPTA, and the City of Philadephia, the event which runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., is teeming with innovative tech designed to cut emissions and bolster the region's climate goals. The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation plays host to an array of industry professionals and the public vying for a glimpse at the future of transit.

"Cultivating these relationships locally aids in achieving the goals outlined in SEPTA Forward, while keeping the Authority at the forefront of innovation and technology in the transit industry," stated Leslie S. Richards, SEPTA General Manager and CEO. According to a City of Philadelphia press release, over 20 companies from Québec are showcasing the latest in transportation wizardry. This lineup means business with electric buses, school buses, and even street sweepers, making it not just a show but a significant step towards a greener future.

The emphasis is not solely on rolling out zero-emission vehicles; the showcase also zeroes in on AI, data management and safety solutions for transit authorities. Québec’s businesses are flaunting their innovations and the City of Philadelphia isn't left behind, displaying its green machines for the first time.

For Martine Hébert, Québec Government’s Delegate General in New York, it's about more than tech. "Québec and Philadelphia share mutual ambitions in the fight against climate change," Hébert told the host publication, detailing the shared vision of developing greener economies, according to the City of Philadelphia. This event is said to be a rallying point for forging partnerships that lead to investment and employment opportunities in Philadelphia. It's also a networking hotbed where industry leaders, government officials, and experts rub elbows to spark change.

Deputy Managing Director Michael Carroll spoke to the City's mission under Parker's administration, "Our second Smart and Sustainable Mobility Showcase on Monday, May 13, 2024 will bolster the connections and global partnerships that spur investment and employment in Philadelphia," as stated by the City of Philadelphia. He envisions the event as a keystone in realizing a sustainable socio-economic structure throughout the region.

SEPTA's mandate spans a 2,200-square-mile service area, making it a transit titan in the U.S., while the Québec Government Office in New York represents Québec's interests in the Mid Atlantic since 1940. Together with the City of Philadelphia, they show us a snapshot of a cleaner, smarter transportation landscape that's not just dreamtalk, but a drivable reality.