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Published on May 13, 2024
Philadelphia Rejoices as Missing 76-Year-Old Phyllis R. Garnant Found SafeSource: Philadelphia Police Department

Philadelphia's collective sigh of relief could be felt across the city as Phyllis R. Garnant, the 76-year-old woman reported missing earlier in the day, was found safe. The Philadelphia Police Department issued an urgent plea for assistance when the gray-eyed, grayish-blonde-haired senior disappeared early this morning. Her last known whereabouts were on the 1900 block of Locust Street, where she was noted to be in search of a restroom.

Garnant, described as standing 5'4" tall and weighing 140 lbs, was last seen decked out in a yellow raincoat with blue trim, white rain boots paired with black soles, black laces, and a tan knit cap. The details, provided by the Philadelphia Police Department's blotter, painted a vivid image of the missing elder, coaxing the public to keep vigilant eyes for her distinctive attire.

After hours of concerned citizens and authorities scanning the streets, it was announced that Garnant had been located. While the specifics of her recovery were not immediately disclosed, the announcement brought closure to a brief but intense chapter of community concern. The Philadelphia Police thanked those who contributed to the search for Garnant, acknowledging the essential role the public played in her safe return.