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Published on May 27, 2024
Portland Police Nab 14 in Cascade Station Sting, Including Repeat Offender with Six WarrantsSource: Portland Police Bureau

Portland's law enforcement cracked down hard on shoplifters with a well-orchestrated sting at a popular shopping center last Friday, leading to a trove of arrests that included a notorious repeat offender. The Portland Police Bureau announced the outcome of this incisive operation at Cascade Station Shopping Center, where officers from the North Precinct, K9 Unit, and Air Support Unit collaborated tightly to detain 14 individuals on various theft-related charges.

Among those caught in the net was 41-year-old Pamala R. McIntosh, also known as Pamala Fleming-Parton, who was apprehended at the Old Navy store. McIntosh had a rap sheet with six active warrants stretched across Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Her criminal resume also boasts nine pending theft cases, pointing to a chronic pattern of retail theft. McIntosh's apprehension was a key event in the strategic crackdown, signaling a win for the operation's ongoing effort.

These retail theft missions, according to police, are designed to work closely with retail partners and create an ironclad network to not only catch but also firmly to prosecute these habitual shoplifters. The arrests from the latest mission were diverse, clearing 16 warrants and sending a clear message to potential offenders about the consequences of retail theft.

Post-arrest, the mission doesn't simply conclude. Officers engage in stringent follow-up activities, working in lockstep with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office to ensure that prosecutorial action sticks. The police and the MCDA are dedicated to ending the flagrant disregard for the law by repeated offenders, erecting more robust defenses against the scourge of retail theft. As this mission folds, retailers breathe a sigh of relief, embracing the effectiveness of such partnerships in preserving the sanctity of their merchandise and the safety of their patrons.