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Published on May 28, 2024
Relatives Sentenced to Probation for Kidnapping Arizona Teen Amid Doomsday DelusionsSource: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

In an outcome some are calling lenient, three relatives involved in the alleged kidnapping of an Arizona teen, orchestrating their doomsday fantasies, have been sentenced to probation, Gilbert courts confirmed today. Spring Thibaudeau, her brother Brook Hale, and her daughter Abigail Snarr, entered plea deals earlier this month after being charged with custodial interference, as Fox 10 Phoenix reported.

This past October, Thibaudeau and Hale, with Snarr's involvement, plucked Thibaudeau’s 16-year-old son from his East Valley abode under delusions of prophetic grandeur, the trio believed the teen, dubbed a "Davidic servant," was destined for a pivotal role in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, their journey spanned from Idaho to the brink of Canadian soil. According to statements collected by AZ Family, Hale had even prepared a will in anticipation of imminent apocalyptic events.

In court, Thibaudeau and Hale received identical sentences of 18 months of probation, while Snarr was handed a lighter punishment of nine months. The curious case drew comparisons to the notorious doomsday preoccupations of one Lori Vallow, with the boy's father pinpointing 2015 as the year when Thibaudeau's preoccupation with end-time prophecies ignited while they were attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A trail of faith turned obsession, Thibaudeau's deep dive into doomsday literature crescendoed into the radical act that saw her son spirited away to a northern wilderness, culminating in his discovery at the edge of Alaska, where the quest for the end was interrupted, the levity of the family's theoretical suppositions clashing with the tangible repercussions now enveloping them in the coils of the judicial system.