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Published on May 28, 2024
Rescued Phoenix Tiger Cub Indy Flourishes in Minnesota Sanctuary a Year After Being SeizedSource: [ Art G.Willow Grove, PA, USA], CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A year after being confiscated by Phoenix police from a home where she was kept in a closet, Indy the tiger cub is thriving at a Minnesota sanctuary. Transitioning from a cramped cage to a spacious and natural habitat, the young tiger named Indy has found solace and freedom at the Wildcat Sanctuary, with staff member Judson Tharin remarking, "Here we are a year later, Indy has been growing; she is being the tiger that she was born to be," according to FOX 10 Phoenix.

The cub's fortune turned when a social media post led to her rescue, and the man attempting to sell her, Carlos Alcaraz, was arrested after undercover officers negotiated a purchase price for the tiger cub and later found Alcaraz also harboring baby snapping turtles and a baby American Alligator. Alcaraz admitted to buying the cub for $8,000, wanting to help the animal that "wasn't taking care of" by its previous owner, as detailed in court paperwork, as reported by ABC15.

Indy now revels in an environment built for growth and wellbeing at her forever home, boasting an in-ground pool and enjoying activities like wrestling with her toys and indulging in bloodsicles. "Certainly, she's staying active, certainly, she's socializing; she's also doing what big cats do and resting or sleeping for a big part of the day as well," Tharin shared in a statement obtained by FOX 10 Phoenix.