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Published on May 23, 2024
San Antonio Braces for Blazing Temps with Highs Surpassing 100 Degrees, Warns National Weather ServiceSource: Google Street View

The weather in San Antonio is gearing up for a sweltering week ahead, with temperatures expected to soar well into the high 90s and beyond. According to an extended forecast from The National Weather Service, the city is looking at a predominantly sunny streak, albeit with a caveat of climbing heat indices that hint at more oppressive conditions.

For those venturing out today, it's a tale of clouds making way for sun, and thermometers are set to hit a high near 97 degrees. South winds will blow at 10 to 15 mph, with, gusts potentially topping out at 20 mph. As the day's heat index rises up to a scorching 105, residents are cautioned to stay hydrated and seek shade.

As night falls, increasing clouds will do little to temper the day's scorcher, with lows hovering around 77 degrees. Those gusts aren't letting up either, maintaining a steady presence as they could reach 25 mph. Come Friday, the forecast shared on the National Weather Service website serves up a scorcher with a high near 101 degrees. The heat index? An even more sweltering 112.

The weekend maintains this fiery trend. Saturday is set to mimic Friday's heat with similar highs and persistent south southeast winds that could gust as much as 20 mph. Come Sunday, temperatures are poised to climb higher still, reaching a possibly record-breaking high near 103 degrees. For those with plans over the Memorial Day weekend, they might want to pack sunscreen alongside their remembrance, with Sunday providing beach-like weather in the heart of Texas.

Memorial Day itself brings with it a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm, a perhaps welcome break from the unabating heat with a high near 100 degrees. Following the holiday, the week continues on a high note – temperature-wise – with mostly sunny days ahead and highs predicted in the mid-90s. Those hoping for reprieve might mark their calendars for the slightly cooler evening promised on Monday, with a 20 percent chance of shower symmetry that is unlikely to dampen the city's spirits much.