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Published on May 21, 2024
Shelby County's Director of Community Services to Showcase Violence Prevention Strategies at White House SummitSource: Shelby County Mayor’s Office

To tackle the scourge of gun violence and crime, Sandy Bromley, Shelby County's Director of Community Services, has been tapped to bring local insights to a major White House event on Wednesday, May 22. Bromley is set to join forces with peers in The National Offices of Violence Prevention Network (NOVPN) at this pivotal summit, which is organized by the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and seeks to address community violence intervention from across the nation.

The initiative is grounded in the belief that community safety should not solely depend on policing but should equally emphasize public health strategies. With a focus on intervention and prevention methods, especially for those identified as most at risk of becoming involved in or falling victim to gun violence, the approach aims to weave a beneficial safety net. According to information obtained by Shelby County's official website, Bromley will share the successful strategies that Shelby County has implemented, which include primary prevention, intervention, timely suppression, and enforcement, alongside transformative system and policy changes.

Shelby County's holistic approach to the problem of violence has earned the recognition of authorities at the highest level. "Shelby County is looking at adopting solutions that build resilience, are driven by community voices, informed by the latest data. We are proud to send Director Bromley to D.C. for this important conversation," Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris stated with an emphasis on community-driven and data-informed strategies.

Director Bromley also echoed this sentiment, highlighting the collaborative nature of their work. "The Shelby County Division of Community Services tirelessly tackles the root causes of poverty and violence every day," Bromley told the county's communication division, adding, "This new collaboration with the Shelby County Health Department, the City of Memphis, and other government and community partners will bring together much-needed resources and implement a holistic approach to expanding community-based public safety strategies." The event at the White House emphasizes the critical importance of local and federal entities to not just peacefully coexist but to actively collaborate in the endeavor to make communities across the United States safer.