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Published on May 27, 2024
Silver Spring Man Sentenced 23 Years for Memorial Day 2022 Murder Near Dupont CircleSource: Library of Congress

James Jackson, a 30-year-old from Silver Spring, Maryland, received a 23-year sentence for the 2022 Memorial Day murder of Christian Monje near Dupont Circle, as announced by U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves and Metropolitan Police Chief Pamela Smith.

On that fateful day, MPD's Second District officers were dispatched in the early hours to the sound of gunfire on the 1700 block of Rhode Island Ave NW, there they found Monje, then 29, on church steps with a life-ending bullet wound to his head.

Critical evidence emerged through surveillance footage which captured an assailant approaching Monje and subsequently fleeing, the perpetrator's escape route traced to an alleyway, and a concealment attempt behind a dumpster was where detectives found the connection to Jackson— a ghost gun linked by DNA.

The crucial breakthrough in the case was a CODIS hit, aligning Jackson's DNA with evidence from the Polymer80 firearm. It was this forensic lead alongside cell site evidence that sealed his fate, as detailed by the Department of Justice. Jackson pled guilty to second-degree murder while armed in February of this year.