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Published on May 21, 2024
Washington D.C. Braces for a Week of Sunshine and Storms Leading Up to a Soggy Memorial DaySource: Unsplash/ Mariam Soliman

The National Weather Service warns of soggy conditions stretching through Memorial Day, with chances of showers and thunderstorms peppering the forecast. As of today, Washington D.C. is seesawing between clear skies and impending wet weather, the National Weather Service reported. The district will enjoy mostly sunny heavens with a high near 84, while a coastal flood advisory holds its grip until 9 AM EDT.

While the wind sets a southward dance at 7 mph, the barometer reads a stable 30.04 in. Despite the sunshine, southbound winds will keep the murmur of the tide persisting throughout the day. Come nightfall, the sky will stay mostly unobscured with the mercury dipping to around 62. Strained under humidity at a clinging 90%, it's a brief respite before the elements converge once more.

Wednesday expects a continued sunny streak with a torrid high near 89, but as the day wanes, the narrative shifts. The National Weather Service advises a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms before the night's 11pm deadline, as clouds mount a takeover, lowering the nocturnal temperature to around 70. This prelude to the rain foreshadows the "likely thunderstorms and showers," striking after Thursday's 2pm mark, promising a deluge with a 60% probability.

Plagued by either downpours or the drumming of thunder, the week leads into a weekend that can't shake the wet. With a stubborn 60% chance of rain, Saturday doesn't let the district dry out. Even as high tide laps at the shores of the District of Columbia, the city digs its heels against up to a foot of inundation above ground level, affecting spaces near the Tidal Basin and landmarks like the Jefferson Memorial, the advisory detailed. The weather service warns drivers, especially since some roads could be submerged until the tides recede.

As the week draws to a close, Washingtonians brace for a Memorial Day marked by "a chance of showers and thunderstorms," as per NWS. Adding to a mostly cloudy sky, a high near 81 and a coin-flip chance of precipitation set the stage for a holiday under the spectacle of nature's caprice.