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Published on May 24, 2024
Woman Shot in Leg After Road Rage Incident in Eastpointe, Suspect at LargeSource: Google Street View

An Eastpointe neighborhood was rocked by gunfire Tuesday night when a driver, after nearly colliding with a couple at a stop sign, returned to physically confront them and ended up shooting a woman twice in the leg, authorities say. According to CBS Detroit, a 36-year-old woman and a man were walking on David Avenue. when a black sedan blew through the stop sign at Collinson, nearly hitting them. The situation escalated after the male pedestrian yelled at the driver who then circled back, leading to an altercation that precipitated the shooting.

As reported by Macomb Daily, the female victim was "bleeding heavily" from her injuries when police arrived on the scene, the first arriving officer administered a tourniquet which presumably saved her life, she was then hospitalized and is currently in stable condition. Police have yet to apprehend the suspect, whose hasty departure in the vehicle has left few leads, but the investigation remains ongoing with detectives urging witnesses to come forward with any information they might have.

The violent exchange, which could easily be labeled a case of road rage despite only involving one vehicle, spilled blood on an otherwise quiet block, with Eastpointe police now canvassing for information. "We canvassed the neighborhood, we got camera footage," Lt. Alexander Holish said in a FOX 2 Detroit interview, revealing the challenges in the investigation with the only lead being a dark sedan that was involved.

Eastpointe's Lt. Holish underscored the emotional toll of such incidents, noting that both the woman and the man are considered victims in this case,"The significant other of the lady who got shot, he’s a victim too because he got shot at as well,"  he said. The police emphasized that in situations like this the safest response is to reach out to law enforcement rather than confront aggressive drivers directly, with the hope that the perpetrator can be identified and found. Anyone with information about the shooting or the suspect's sedan is strongly encouraged to call the Eastpointe Police Detective Bureau at 586-445-9416.