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Published on May 20, 2024
Woodstock Resident Accused of Kidnapping After SWAT Team Resolves Hostage Standoff at Alta Ridgewalk ApartmentsSource: Google Street View

Woodstock was on high alert earlier today as a dramatic standoff unfolded at the Alta Ridgewalk Apartments. According to FOX 5 Atlanta, Cherokee County Emergency Services received a 911 call just before 1 a.m., alerting them to a woman being held hostage by her armed boyfriend at the apartment complex, located in the vicinity of Brandon Street and Ridge Trail. A tense situation escalated, prompting a response from police and SWAT team members.

Residents reported hearing disturbances that pierced the predawn hours as the community awoke to the sight of officers and emergency vehicles dotting their usually tranquil neighborhood. In a statement obtained by 11Alive, one local parent expressed their anxiety: "As a parent, it's very frightening. I'm glad to see there were no children involved in the situation."

The area was cordoned off for hours as law enforcement officers tried to negotiate with the suspect, who refused to communicate with negotiators. In order to guarantee the safety of the hostage, SWAT team members eventually breached the apartment, leading to the apprehension of the suspect. Woodstock Police Chief Robert Jones praised the swift action taken by authorities, saying, "The Woodstock Police Department acted quickly and decisively to resolve this volatile situation," according to FOX 5 Atlanta. The community was informed around 9:30 a.m. that the scene had been cleared.

William Scott Kirk, the man accused of the crime, was taken into custody without injury to any parties involved. He faces charges including kidnapping, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment, as reported by FOX 5 Atlanta. Following the conclusion of the incident, the suspect was observed being escorted from the building in handcuffs, trailed by the woman he had allegedly held hostage. Further details surrounding the circumstances of their ordeal remain under investigation.

Woodstock Police is urging anyone with additional information about the incident to step forward. Police presence has since been scaled back, and residents reassured of their safety as the investigation continues.