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Published on June 21, 2024
Alley C Reopens Amidst 2024 Reconstruction Efforts, Alley B Prepares for RevampSource: St. Louis Park, MN

As citizens navigate the maze of their daily routines, a constant remains - the hum of construction, a testament to the city's ever-evolving landscape. In an update provided on June 20th, GL Contracting has persisted through inclement weather, diligently working on the 2024 Alley Reconstruction. Progress springs forth as Alley C has reopened to local traffic, offering a slice of respite to residents previously detoured.

In the week commencing June 24, the focus shifts to Alley B, where GL Contracting aims to strip away the remnants of decrepit asphalt, laying the groundwork for a new storm sewer infiltration system. Despite the rain that has persisted, carrying on with surgical precision, the scheduled activities might extend over the subsequent weeks. In preparation for the intrusion of machines and workers, inhabitants are reminded to relocate their solid waste receptacles to the front of their abodes, as outlined by project updates.

Alley C, while open, remains a canvas for construction's concluding strokes. Occupants must navigate cautiously amidst the activities that weave through their now accessible path. Driveways, temporarily filled with gravel as an asphalt prelude, will receive their final paving in the weeks forthcoming. Solid waste pick-up continuity at curbsides in lieu of alley collection stands as a temporary measure, underscoring the project's incomplete status.

For those seeking foresight into alley closures, vigilant eyes must watch for email alerts and signage perched at alley inceptions, ensuring residents ample time to vacate vehicles from garages. Visit the project website for the expansive details contained in the 2024 Alley Reconstruction Newsletter and direct inquiries to the attentive project team readily waiting to assist.