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Published on June 14, 2024
"Belltown Hellcat" Miles Hudson Faces Jail Time for Alleged Violations & New Assault Case in Seattle and RentonSource: Unsplash/Grant Durr

The ongoing saga of Miles Hudson, known around Seattle's Belltown as the "Belltown Hellcat," adds another chapter as legal complications continue to mount for the notorious assault convict and car aficionado. After a history of violence, Hudson's past dealings with the law have resurfaced following a string of alleged offenses that could land him back in jail. According to FOX 13 Seattle, he might face incarceration for violating the terms of a court agreement tied to a previous assault conviction involving an attack on his own mother.

Hudson was originally given a year's sentence for the assault, which was significantly reduced to a mere two days behind bars on the condition of his remaining trouble-free, however, the Seattle City Attorney has bared that Hudson has not upheld his part of the deal, violating the agreement terms which now throws his suspended sentence into jeopardy. As former Pierce County prosecuting attorney Mark Lindquist tells FOX 13, "He previously pled guilty to an assault, all the jail time was suspended, that’s a good deal if you can’t stay out of trouble for a couple of years."

Adding to Hudson's litany of legal challenges is an assault case out of Renton where, as per KING 5, his mother, the registered owner of the "Belltown Hellcat" car, reported another incident of domestic violence. The report details how she was pulled over a chair by Hudson, soon after which police arrested him in a city hall parking lot where he was sitting in his mother's car; this incident follows his request for additional time to get a mental health evaluation previously requested by the court.